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Red Mist

    "Red Mist/Kabus Merah" is the term used to describe the state of mind of drivers/riders who are so determined to achieve some objectives (catching a vehicle in front, late for appointment thereby trying to get there in the shortest possible time, overtaking another driver, using handphone, on medication drug) that they are no longer emotionally and psychologically capable of realistically assessing driving/riding risks. Their minds are not on their driving/riding but on some other goals.

    Drivers suffering from red mist tend to ignore normal risk factors such as wet roads, heavy traffic and road hazards.

    To prevent red mist, drivers need to be able to maintain their usual calm when responding to emergencies. The key to this is to concentrate on the driving task in hand rather than on other incident.

    Some drivers find that deciding to think only about their driving is enough but if you find that is difficult, try giving yourself a running commentary on your driving, spoken aloud.