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Facts About Driving

  • "The best safety devise you can install in a car is a trained driver"
  • "Accidents are not 'caused' by bad weather - they 'result' from it"
  • "Do not exercise your rights, being right can get you kill!!"
  • "You must always be able to stop within the distance you can see to be clear"
  • "Driving is one thing - advanced driving is something else"
  • "Traffic Accidents account for the largest single cause of death and injury for young adults" - Roadcraft, The police Driver's Handbook
  • "Drivers who speed often (i.e. exceed the speed limit) have about 3 times the accident risk of those who speed infrequently" - Roadcraft, The Police Driver's Handbook
  • "Road accidents account for 96% of ALL transport deaths (road, rail, air and water)"
  • "It takes 1500 bolts to make a car and only one nut to spread it across the highway" - George Carlin
  • "Everbody is capable of showing road rage, yes even YOU!!"
  • "When everything's coming your way, you're in the wrong lane"

  • "Car's don't crash, but drivers do!"