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About Us

SAMP was set up in 1989 and had since then put through more than ten thousand students. Our highly effective approach to behind-the-wheel driver education has help many drivers to avoid or minimize driving risk and stay out of CRASHES.

In additional to training managers, sales executives and other frequent drivers for our corporate clients, we also work with individuals through our courses.

Our one-day Advance & Defensive Driving Course includes about 3 hours of hands-on training, reinforced by 4 hours of classroom instruction. Our students learn first-hand the capabilities and limits of their vehicles, and how they can use those capabilities to stay in control at all times. Student also learn how to control skids in the specially set up road which will skid at low speeds.

Our instructors have wide experience in driving techniques as they have attended several courses overseas.

Every year thousands of road users are killed on the roads and over 90% of them are caused by human errors.

While there is always an inevitable degree of risk associated with driving, avoid that risk by taking further Advance Driving Training.

So just how good a driver are you? Why not take the opportunity to call us for more information.