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Course Duration:

One full day training: 8.30am to 5.00pm
  • Theory Session. Approx. 4 hr. (usable theory)
  • Practical Sessions. Approx. 3 hr. (hands-on)
Practical in car demonstrations of all exercises by experienced instructors Assorted "one on one" in car instruction and tuition in the participants own vehicle
Course Content Includes:
  • Tyres and car basics
  • Basic car control
  • Proper way to hold steering wheel
  • Correct sitting position
  • ABS braking techniques
  • Conventional braking techniques
  • Defensive and safe driving techniques
  • Advance safe cornering techniques
  • Positive reinforcement of safe driver attitudes
  • Practical accident avoidance techniques
  • Vehicle dynamics and handling characteristics
Course Information and Cost:
To receive our full course programme, course fees and course dates, please contact us directly