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Advance Driving is not Racing

Today's top racing drivers have a superb sense of balance and feel for the car on the track. They are usually in complete control of the vehicle, but they often stress it beyond its limits. The skills and temperament needed to win and the refusal to give an inch, even when cornering to the limits of the car's adhesion makes track driving techniques and mental attitudes completely wrong for everyday driving.


The secret of good driving is smooth progress, always in the right part of the road traveling at the right speed and in the right gear, never making any unnecessarily jerky moves or changes of direction. Progress is smooth because you are always in control and thinking well ahead and considering what you intend to do.

The greatest compliment a passenger could possibly pay you is that if you gave him or her a lift, the journey would not be spent sitting bolt upright, wide-eyed at the progress you are making, but they would be relaxed and confident with the skills displayed.