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Kudos to SAMP
"The theory session was interesting, informative and essential. It gives the basic information needed before getting into a car. The practical session was exciting and also useful. It helps to calm and control the nerves so as to better control the car. Very educational." - Ho Hsu-Ee, age 21

"Excellent and will prove useful to just about anyone. Exposing the public to such a course can eliminate accidents." - Sulaidahlan Sulaiman, age 18

"I learned a lot of things and of mistakes I didn't know I was doing." - Irene Lim, age 24

"The theory session was informative and applicable to real life experiences. The practical session was a very amazing and 'out of this world' experience. Scary, nerve-wrecking but helps to 'draw' the fear in you. It's very different from other courses." - Amilly Oh, age 29

"The best practical training (of its kind) I've ever attended." - Manuel A. Solis, age 49

"I learned how to maintain control of the car during brake failure, and on slippery, wet and oily roads. As a driver, the course has benefited me in my work." - Rajendran Sinniah, age 40 "If I had the chance, I'll take it again!" - Kolanthvelu Aundy, age 38