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Aggressive Driving

    Aggressive Driver is one who operates a motor vehicle in a selfish, bold or pushy manner, without regards for the rights or safety of the other road ushers. Road Rage/Road Bully is one who uses a motor vehicle as a weapon or physically assaulting another driver or their vehicle. Road Rage/Road Bully is NOT aggressive driving, they are criminal offenses.

    Some Aggressive Driving Behavior:
    • Flashed light or horn at another vehicle because you were annoyed by them.
    • Give verbal abuse.
    • Give aggressive or rude gestures.
    • Aggressively tailgating another vehicle.
    • Deliberately obstruct or prevent another driver from moving their vehicle.
    • Failing to signal.
    • Holding the middle lane of a dual carriageway.
    • Using a mobile phone and not concentrating on the road ahead.

    Should you encounter an aggressive driver......
    • Remain calm.
    • Keep your distance,and when stopped at traffic light, give yourself room to drive away, just incase.
    • Do not overtake unless you have to.
    • If you are being followed, drive to a police station or a crowded place for help.
    • If a motorist tries to pick a fight, do not make eye contact. Get out of the way without acknowledging the other motorist.
    • If an attacker tries to enter your vehicle, sound your horn or alarm.
    • If approached, don't argue. Apoligise immediately, even if you are in the right. You can always take down details and report the offender.
    • Above all, prevention is better than cure. Be courteous at all time to other road users - don't expect courtesy if you show none.

    Everybody is capable of being aggressive, yes even YOU!!.

    Try follow these safety tips to prevent being an aggressive driver yourself:
    • Allow yourself plenty of time by starting at least 10 minutes earlier. You'll feel less stressed and more inclined to give way to other road users.
    • Don't drive aggressively, drive defensively. If someone in a queue wants to cut in, let them. They'll be only 5 seconds in front of you, SO WHAT!
    • Obeserve common courtesy and consciously try to avoid actions which can provoke other drivers.